I knew at a young age I wanted to quilt.  It took many….many years later before I decided to take my first class.  My husband and I were expecting our first child, and knew I needed to make something special…that’s what I learned from my Grandmother.  She was wonderful.  She made everything…from the soft crochet blanket I came home from the hospital in, to my first teddy bear, from my barbie-doll’s clothes, to the dress for my first dance.  She was always sewing and creating.  She gave me that gift by teaching me to sew as a young girl.  That gift I have fostered and turned into the talent and passion of quilting.  I now love to teach others the art.   I love to inspire others  and have gone to create and design patterns.  I hope you find inspiration here.  Thanks for stopping by…now it’s time to go sew!