Time Crunch

I find myself dreaming up wonderful ideas…but my planner is already full of past ideas and commitments that need to be completed.  Part of executing the ideas allows for new ideas to come…but then my sewing space is filled with UFO’s and nothing is getting done.  This is a rut I think many quilters can find ourselves in.  I read a book many moons ago, Eat that Frog by Brian Tracy.  You can still find it on Amazon…rather inexpensive and quick read.  The basic idea is this, finishing tasks creates endorphins (you know those chemicals your brain releases when you exercise that make you feel good) and thus you train your brain to get a “high” on finishing tasks.  This can be applied to any aspect of life, but in my sewing room, I need to just eat that frog.  I instruct at several quilt shops in my area, and making samples takes up most of the time on my planner…but when I am committed to someone else, I seem to find time to finish these projects.  It is those times I start a project that does not have a deadline that seem to linger on and on and on….and for the sake of lingering on and on and on here….I am just going to go sew something…

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